10 Personality Traits That Attract Narcissists Pin

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  1. As a reader, I find the post “10 Personality Traits That Attract Narcissists” to be insightful and informative. Narcissism is a complex personality disorder, and understanding what traits may make some individuals more susceptible to attracting narcissists is essential for preventing and dealing with potentially harmful situations.

    The post does an excellent job of identifying and explaining the ten personality traits that may make one more vulnerable to narcissistic individuals. Traits such as low self-esteem, the need for validation, and a desire to please others can make people more likely to tolerate narcissistic behavior and put up with mistreatment.

  2. I have been diagnosed with BPD so all of my relationships have been with narcissistic women.
    Ive helped raise children that I will never see. I think the only way to avoid going through the anguish and suffering when they take everything including the kids is to not have a relationship at all.
    I can’t do it anymore. Any other advice would be appreciated.

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