Tips for thriving gay relationships on and offline

Tips for thriving gay relationships on and offline
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Are you a gay single looking for someone compatible? Have you grown jaded with your local LGBT-oriented bars or nightclubs, where you always bump into the same old faces? If you feel the time has come to spread your wings, did you know you don’t even have to leave home these days?

Digital matchmaking has introduced a host of new opportunities. Across the globe, thousands of websites and apps are catering to millions of enthusiastic members. Register with your local gay matching outlet and you could be flirting with a diverse range of gay dudes via your web browser.

Or exchanging DMs with the handsome guy who works in your local coffee shop. The gay dating world is your oyster! So, how about some tips for a thriving gay connection?

Try to find a partner who is a good fit for you

If you feel confident enough to flirt with eligible males, you’ll undoubtedly find it easy to strike up conversations wherever you happen to be. Down at the gym. Sitting in your favorite coffee shop. Enjoying cocktails at your local LGBT-oriented bar. But if you’re a little more reticent, going online would be the ideal solution.

Checking out a gay hookup website will provide you with access to a unique and extensive pool of like-minded guys. So many charming dudes will have uploaded their profiles in the hope of connecting with someone just like you.

The discreet communication channels are perfect for introducing yourself to a cross-section of other singles. There will also be chat rooms where you can widen your social circle by getting into amicable discussions on every aspect of gay relationships.

Begin with casual dates to test your compatibility

While a lot of gay singles love plunging in at the deep end where romance is concerned, a more recommended course of action would be taking things at a steadier pace. Find someone you like and suggest a ‘no strings attached’ rendezvous. If you find the chemistry is there, you could plan a series of get-togethers. So, how do you determine if this single guy is going to be right for you?

Establishing a rapport is all-important, as this will always be the foundation of any meaningful relationship. Discuss things you might do as a couple, chatting about easy and relaxing ways of maintaining your health and well-being, such as the increasingly popular activity of ‘cozy cardio.’ This is a cool way to keep fit, involving minimal stress and maximum pleasure!

It’s also a way you can enjoy cardiovascular exercise at home with your partner. Talking about this will provide ample ammunition for you to exchange regular messages and eventually make plans to take your virtual connection to the next level.

Be honest and discuss important things

There’s a time and place for easy conversations to get the ball rolling. Chatting about exercising. Healthy diets.

Maybe small talk about movies you adore or TV romcoms that float your boat. But if you want to forge a genuine connection you should also introduce weightier topics.

Be upfront about what you are hoping to achieve with your gay partnership. Where do you see yourself in five- or 10-years’ time? If these candid discussions ring alarm bells with your other half, that could be an indication they’re not looking to commit to anything long-term. If you’re searching for a soulmate you can trust, now would be the time to decide if you need to move on.

Do not be afraid to be vulnerable

There can be a tendency to not want to let your guard down when dating. In the early stages of a relationship, people who’ve been single for a while will put up a front.

They might even try playing it cool should the time come to arrange a subsequent date. Rather than a natural urge to be enthusiastic, they’ll pretend to be indifferent, perhaps delaying answering a phone call from their prospective partner.

Until a partnership gets off the ground and you develop that almost intuitive ability to react to your other half, there can be ambiguity. Mixed signals. You playing it cool could easily be misread as indifference. So, never be afraid to show you’re only human. Showing vulnerability can make you much more human – and attractive.

Balance independence and time spent together

Finally, one of the biggest tips towards making your gay relationship thrive is also one of the most difficult to master. You’ve met a new guy and are eager to make the most of your blossoming connection.

On the other hand, if you’ve recently been single, you’ll have got used to independence, spending time with friends and family. The key to success is managing your time with your boyfriend, and your time when you’re apart.


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