How to make a good first impression on a dating site

If you’re a single gay guy eager to find your Mr Right, have you been tempted to go down the virtual route yet? An increasing number of singles from every demographic are being drawn to the convenience of online dating, with members of the LGBTQ community twice as likely as anyone else to be signing up.

There are pros and cons to any social platform, but when it comes to introducing gay singles to prospective hookup partners nearby, the positives of digital dating far outweigh the negatives.

Making the most of the wonderful opportunities presented by these sites and apps is down to many things, but one of the most important is ensuring you make a good first impression. Here’s why this is crucial, and on a more practical note, here are five top tips for achieving success.

Select a pleasant profile picture

Firstly, why is it so advisable to make a strong initial impression? You only have to look at the number of gay dating sites that are out there to appreciate the increasing popularity of this form of matchmaking.

There are web resources catering to every possible sphere of LGBTQ relationships, from flirt to committed dating, from local hookups nearby to long-distance gay romance. While this does equate to dating outlets being buzzing with activity, it also means the virtual gay dating scene has become highly competitive.

With more and more singles hopping online to check out profiles, the need to stand out from the crowd has never been more pressing. So, step one towards securing a successful gay hookup near me should be to focus on the most obvious aspect of making a good first impression – your profile photo.

This will be the first thing anyone alighting on your page will notice. It is therefore imperative to upload a welcoming image, depicting your most welcoming smile, preferably taken with a decent-quality camera. This picture should be your metaphoric bait, enticing would-be suitors to want to find out more about you, possibly engaging you in flirty conversation via direct messages to land a hookup.

Craft an engaging and lively bio

Your bio should be a continuation of the striking and amiable image of yourself you’ve selected as the accompanying picture. Don’t create an exhaustive list of your interests and achievements – the object should be to construct a captivating overview, not compose a CV! When drafting your details, it would be recommended that you remain upbeat about your reasons for going online.

Make it seem as if this is the logical conclusion to a journey towards well-being and self-discovery. For inspiration, you could pore over empowering books written on this very topic. If you feel good on the inside, this will help to boost your self-esteem, providing a confident building block before entering the dating arena.

Adopting this positive mindset will give you the tools you require to create an engaging overview of your qualities, allowing you to draft the perfect eye-catching description.

Use the first message that stands out

Following on from the notion of capturing attention visually, with a captivating image and equally enthralling write-up, you’ll need to think of the headlines. Which are the phrases you can use when composing messages to introduce yourself?

These are what’s known as ‘icebreakers,’ a few choice phrases that can kick-start the flirty conversation you could have. Don’t worry if nothing springs to mind immediately. Many dating sites will offer suggestions for you to ‘cut and paste’ into your texts, giving the impression you’re a talented wordsmith!

Stick to kind and polite humor

When it comes to attracting the attention of single gay men, amongst the most potent weapons in your arsenal should be mirth and laughter. Does the shorthand ‘GSOH’ apply to you? It’s something most males will take into account when reaching out to potential hookup candidates.

The ability to make someone you don’t know that well laugh is quite a skill. It will bring you closer during the formative stages of courtship. Be warned, though: humor can be a tricky subject to master.

The golden rule is to aim for subtlety and innuendos rather than anything too blatant. Try and avoid sarcastic quips, as they can give the impression you’re not that nice a person to know. Self-deprecation would be recommended – if you can laugh at yourself, your partner will soon be joining in wholeheartedly!

Show honest and authentic self

However you’re communicating with a potential love interest – DMs, WhatsApp messages, video calls, or whatever – your default mode should be honesty. Never try to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. The truth can have a habit of rearing its ugly head when you’re least expecting it.

Explain when it’s flirt or hookup you are looking for. Don’t try to impress by stretching the truth or telling outright lies. Just relax and be yourself. There’s no need for you to put up any sort of front.

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