Healing Spaces: Apps Designed to Support Those in Toxic Relationships

Love and relationships suffer from a negative perception of technology. As our online connections increase, our ability to connect face-to-face diminishes. We prioritize the digital world over the physical world, and this is problematic. Harvard’s study highlights that loneliness poses a higher risk to personal health than smoking or obesity.

Technology does not have to be detrimental to our lives. Moreover, some of them may offer support to those who are in a toxic relationship. While countless apps facilitate the start of relationships, there are few that empower us to maintain them. Healthy individuals prioritize healthy relationships. If you are already or just want to take the path of healing from toxicity, try looking for help in these applications.

#1 Love Intently

Love Intently’s mission is to empower relationships to thrive. They become acquainted with you and your partner’s Love Personality, sending personalized Love Tips to empower your relationship to thrive. Love Intently reminds us to do the small things and care about your romantic partner in an intentional and meaningful way.

Although Love Intently is a phone app, it reminds you to put it down and care for the people around you. They use research-backed frameworks to personalize and implement day-to-day. We intentionally create great relationships, as they don’t happen by accident.

#2 Rx Breakup

Rx Breakup, a specially designed app, guides you through the end of a relationship with 30 days of activities. These activities will keep you occupied, help you focus your thoughts, and lift your spirits. Consider it your personalized pocket life coach and journal combined.

Apart from offering distractions during challenging times, the app gently guides you through exercises that analyze what went wrong in your relationship and explore future strategies for finding happiness.

While the app may bring up uncomfortable emotions, it maintains a supportive tone. By the time you complete the 30-day program, you will have achieved a better emotional state compared to when you initially started.

You may not find any relationship recovery tools in the App Store or Play Market. Do you know why? Because it is simply not available in your region. If you don’t want to give up mental health apps, just change the location on your smartphone. You can read in more detail how to change location on your iPhone from the link above. In short, you need a VPN to change your region and the app store will adjust to your current location.

#3 BetterHelp

BetterHelp, established in 2013, stands out as one of the world’s largest and most renowned providers of online mental health care. This platform offers an extensive range of therapy options such as video, audio, chat, and messaging therapy through smartphones, tablets, or computers. It serves individuals from all 50 states and internationally, primarily in the United States. For convenience, users can access the BetterHelp therapy app from both Apple App and Google Play stores.

All therapists associated with BetterHelp possess full licensure, hold relevant master’s or doctoral degrees, and boast at least three years of experience, amounting to over 1,000 working hours. These highly qualified therapists effectively address various common mental health concerns.

From grief, stress, and relationship issues to anxiety, depression, trauma, and beyond, BetterHelp therapists provide supportive care. Furthermore, some specialists cater specifically to clients from the LGBTQ+ community.

#4 Meetup

Humans tend to seclude themselves when their hearts are broken, retreating to their burrows, indulging in ice cream, and watching weepy movies. However, this approach is not effective for overcoming a breakup. Break free from that lonely instinct with Meetup, an app that compels you to step out and connect with new people.

This localized app inquires about your interests, such as outdoor exploration, technology, learning new things, and music, among many others. It presents you with relevant clubs and their event descriptions in your area.

Meeting a new life partner should not be your expectation from Meetup. Instead, utilize the app to stay engaged and interact with fresh faces. And if you still find yourself too vulnerable to embark on this journey alone, invite a friend to sign up with you.

#5 Mend

Mend specializes in assisting individuals with heartbreak and burnout through its self-care platform, offering a variety of resources such as courses, meditations, and exercises.

Each course consists of snippets of audio guidance that can be started and completed at one’s convenience. Take them day by day or pause as needed. Additionally, each session poses reflective questions to help gain perspective on past relationships.


There are emotional wellness apps, supportive applications for breakups, and tools for reconsidering your role in relationships. They will all help but can be useful at different stages: in the relationship, during the end of the relationship, and in the process of recovering from a breakup.

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