Toxic Motherhood: A Painful Reality on Mother’s Day

Toxic Motherhood poem

On this day we honor mothers,
But not all deserve the praise.
Some hold toxic power over their children,
A harmful and abusive craze.

Their love is conditional,
Their kindness a mask they wear.
Behind closed doors they inflict pain,
Their children left in despair.

They manipulate and control,
Demanding obedience without reason.
Their children are mere objects to possess,
No love, no care, no true affection.

For those who have suffered at their hands,
This day may bring no joy.
Their wounds may still be open and raw,
Their hearts still aching, their minds destroyed.

But know that you are not alone,
And it’s not your fault in any way.
A mother’s love should be unconditional,
Not something that you have to pay.

May you find healing and peace,
May your scars slowly fade away.
May you break free from the toxicity,
And find love that’s true and here to stay.

To those who have loving mothers,
Treasure them and hold them dear.
And to those who have toxic mothers,
Remember that your worth is clear.

The poem “Toxic Motherhood: A Painful Reality on Mother’s Day” is a tribute to those who have suffered at the hands of abusive and toxic mothers. It acknowledges the pain, manipulation, and control that these individuals have experienced, and recognizes that not all mothers deserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day.

The poem encourages those who have suffered to remember that they are not alone and that they are not at fault. It also offers hope for healing and freedom from toxicity, while urging readers to cherish and value the mothers who truly love and care for them.


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