The Mask

The Mask: A poem about the false facade that a narcissist presents to the world and the toll it takes on their inner self.

The mask poem

The world sees a face, so polished and refined

A smile so wide, so charming, so kind

A glimmer in the eye, so bright and divine

A persona so perfect, so perfectly designed

But deep beneath that facade, lies a soul so cold

A heart so empty, a story untold

A void so vast, a thirst unquenched

A spirit so fragile, so easily drenched

The mask they wear, so perfectly placed

A shield so strong, an armor encased

A wall so tall, so difficult to breach

A veil so thick, so difficult to teach

Their world revolves around that mask they wear

A guise so seamless, so difficult to tear

A self so hidden, so deep and so dark

A soul so wounded, left with an endless mark

They walk amongst us, so confident and strong

A sense of superiority, so hard to belong

A demeanor so assured, so self-assured

A presence so commanding, so easily endured

But when that mask begins to crack and break

The true self emerges, so easy to mistake

The facade, once so polished, now falls away

And the toll it takes, the price they pay

The pain, the hurt, the damage they’ve done

The loss, the grief, the battles they’ve won

The truth revealed, the mask now shattered

Their innermost self, so terribly tattered

The facade so deceptive, so easily assumed

A trap so deep, so easily consumed

The toll so great, the price so steep

The truth so clear, the secrets they keep

So take heed of the mask that they wear

For beneath lies a heart, so easy to ensnare

A soul so fragile, so easily shattered

A life so difficult, so easily battered.

Thoughts on “The Mask” Poem

As an individual, I am often fascinated by the narcissist’s ability to present a false facade to the world.

The poem “The Mask” explores the false front that narcissists present to the world and the damage it causes to their inner self. It describes the polished and refined persona that they exhibit, with a smile so charming and a demeanor so confident. However, underneath this facade lies a soul that is cold and empty, with a deep void and thirst that cannot be quenched.

The narcissist’s mask is so perfectly placed, with a shield so strong and a wall so tall, that it is difficult for others to breach it. They walk amongst us with a sense of superiority and a presence that is easily endured, but when the mask begins to crack and break, their true self emerges.

The pain, hurt, and damage they have done is revealed, and the toll it takes on their inner self is so great that their innermost self is left terribly tattered. The facade they have constructed is so deceptive that it is easily assumed, and the price they pay for maintaining it is steep.

The poem warns readers to take heed of the mask that narcissists wear, as beneath it lies a heart that is easy to ensnare and a soul that is fragile and easily shattered. The life of a narcissist is difficult and easily battered, and the secrets they keep are often revealed when their mask falls away.

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