How Opening Your Relationship Can Change Dynamics Inside the Couple

For all sorts of reasons, the course of true love can be a rocky journey rather than a smooth ride. Relationships can be complicated. When it comes to keeping things exciting and ensuring there’s a future, sometimes it pays to take a step back and consider different options. In short, the worst thing for any couple would be if they began taking each other for granted, allowing complacency to enter their lives.

Relationship dynamics should never be static; ideally, both parties need to be up for fresh suggestions to strengthen their bond. A classic example would be opening things up. Making mature decisions about introducing a third individual to create an invigorating love triangle can do wonders for how couples feel about each other. Can an open relationship ever be successful? Of course, it can.

A Way to Tame Your Narcissistic Side

Narcissism is a self-centered trait that tends to have negative connotations. Someone who is excessively narcissistic is liable to have an inflated sense of their importance. They will regard themselves as being at the center of their universe, and everyone else is secondary in their concerns. The best way of countering this is to ensure you have a strong handle on your partner’s character.

This can be guaranteed at the outset of your relationship, and a strong influence on this will be the platform where you connect in the first place. If you are one of the many individuals who opted to go down the digital dating route, then you will already have gleaned so much information about your partner’s background.

If they do have narcissistic tendencies, you will be aware of this. It does pay to be open-minded – many singles would run a mile if they had any inkling that a potential partner exhibited these excessive levels of self-awareness. If you can remain open-minded with your relationships, you can surmount anything.

It might be that you first interacted when you made online inquiries about a couple seeking a man to enhance leisure pursuits. Modern online dating reflects how inclusive society has become in the early 21st century. Subjects that were previously taboo, such as polyamory or swinging, are no longer regarded as being outside the mainstream. When it comes to forming relationships via the virtual environment, it’s fair to say anything goes. This means that people with narcissistic outlooks can be accommodated.

Measure to Balance Different Libido Levels

Any successful relationship will rely on areas where the parties are compatible, sharing characteristics, motivations, and interests. In other areas, opposites can attract. But what happens when libido levels are imbalanced? This might lead to other areas where it would be only natural to have concerns.

You might wonder if these differing attitudes to passion indicate further areas where the balance is imperfect. This could point towards a narcissistic partnership, where one person, consciously or subconsciously, seeks to exert themself on the other. It might be a good idea to dig a little deeper and do some online research in this area to see if any of the behavior rings bells.

You can find out if someone has narcissistic tendencies and then make allowances for this. The good news is that if your relationship is strong enough, you’ll be able to compensate. The bottom line for a mismatched libido is that neither party can force their preferences on the other. You should learn to respect the differences and try meeting in the middle.

Degrees of narcissism can vary, and if you find yourself in a relationship with such a person, you can’t expect them to change immediately. Often, improving this situation needs to fall on the person who is not a narcissist. You are one in this partnership who can view it objectively, and by taking the responsibility to manage the levels of narcissistic behavior, you can ensure that the dynamics within the couple remain positive.

You don’t even have to confront the self-obsessed person to point out the error of their ways. Receiving frank admissions of their excessive attitude can sometimes cause them to become extremely defensive. If you recognize occasions when they are behaving excessively, try not to take it to heart. Understand. Make allowances.

The more you get to grips with them when they are behaving in this way, the greater your influence can become in getting them to tone down their narcissistic ways. In time, your relationship might reach a point where there is very little evidence of any remaining narcissism because you have managed to adjust to this.

Exploring Sexuality with Someone of a Different Gender

Another form of open-minded behavior within relationships involves exploring sexual orientation. People are no longer so rigid when it comes to the type of individuals they are attracted to. Gone are the days when there were simply a handful of options from drop-down menus to describe sexuality – straight, gay, bisexual, or trans. There are all sorts of alternative identities, meaning more and more singles are prepared to experiment.

Solution for Polyamorous Partners

As previously stated, polyamory might once have been regarded as a taboo topic. Given the incredible diversity of dating outlets available, nobody bats an eyelid if consensual adults are eager to go down unusual routes. As long as the people involved understand the risks of succumbing to jealousy and have agreed on strict ground rules, polyamory can be just as enjoyable to all concerned as monogamy.

Remember this is not for Everyone

Finally, another cardinal rule to be aware of is that open relationships aren’t for everyone. It’s one thing to state that sexual preferences should be down to individuals. But many people are conservative and traditional in their attitudes and are not yet prepared to join in free-thinking revolutions.

You always need to be aware that the person you are attracted to might not be as open-minded as you. So, meet them halfway, accommodate their point of view, then continue having fun!

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