Gaslighting Worksheet: Reclaim Your Truth

Download free gaslighting worksheet

Gaslighting is a destructive manipulation tactic commonly used in narcissistic relationships, leaving victims feeling confused, invalidated, and doubting their own perceptions of reality. Recognizing the signs of gaslighting and taking steps to heal is crucial for reclaiming your sense of self and regaining control over your life. In this blog post, we will explore a … Read more

Breaking Free from the Pleaser Trap: A People-Pleasing Worksheet

A People-Pleasing Worksheet

People-pleasing is a pattern of behavior in which a person prioritizes the needs and desires of others over their own, often at the expense of their own well-being. While it is natural to want to be helpful and supportive of others, people-pleasing can become problematic when it becomes a default mode of behavior, leading to … Read more

My Personal Boundaries Worksheet

My Personal Boundaries Worksheet

The My Personal Boundaries Worksheet is a tool that can help individuals identify, communicate and maintain their personal boundaries effectively. Personal boundaries are the guidelines, rules or limits that an individual sets to define their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. These boundaries serve as a protective mechanism that can help individuals maintain their well-being … Read more