Dear Narcissist

dear narcissist poem

Poem by David N Donihue

Dear Narcissist poem

The fakest one in the room

The spinster who loves to see 

Everyone come unglued

You Chose patterns over people

Played victim when picking fights

You hate honest hearts

Because some sicko took your pride

You had to lose all feeling 

To get back at “life”

So everyone became your tool

To get you through the times

Everyone belittled

Everyone shamed

Because your too cowardly

To face turned you insane 

Some evil monster molested you 

Took your control away

You heart fled your body 

at the moment of the attack

Created an alternate reality, 

a grandiose version desperate to get your self-respect back

So ashamed of childhood violated

your life became owned by senseless hatred 

Smear campaigns against those who trigger your envy

due to Idiotic shame over not being everything

Your anger is born from a sense of infidelity 

And while your lies and manipulations 

make you feel superpowers

Your petty little moves are nothing more

than a cowardly backstabber

Silly rabbit;

Antiheroes no longer matter

Now that we know mental illness 

is presiding factor

Whenever you hurt someone who you envy

It means shame owns you like a bitch

Whenever you fake your name to troll

You’re saying you don’t exist

No one deserves to be trapped 

in that fucking head trip

Every time you stalk someone

your molester is still controlling you

Whenever you lie or smear your friends

post-trauma has won and made you untrue 

Dear narcissist

face the pain

It’s easier to live in hollowed shame

You wouldn’t have to lie

You wouldn’t have to betray

No one would suffer

Over that monster who molested you

Dozens of years ago for fucks sake

Drop the cruelty, drop the games

It’s the only way to process healing

From this level of pain

I’m sorry you’ve been hurting for so long

Yet today you walk from all that is wrong

12 Deep Breaths cure all desire to be cruel

A forgiveness in your heart for those who hurt you

And while you’re at it, please forgive yourself too

Forgive yourself for the lies, cheating andf misremembering

The trolling, Stalking, Abuse, Gas Lighting

Regret won’t lead you to anything


Is the day where you choose to change everything

In your mind you walk into that room

The place where you were hurt

The place where you were abused

You will see your attacker

You will see the childhood you

And you will pick up that child

And carry the child you to safety

Away from all that is cruel

Imagine in your head

You carrying you to safety

And now you never have to control others again

Never have to sting

You won’t need the fix

You don’t have to compare yourself with others

The you within you is now safe

You now know you fucking exist

Stay soft and true and nothing changes it

Now just get help and go enjoy what you live


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