Dating After Divorce: First Steps and Valuable Insights

For some people, divorce is the worst experience ever, while others see it as the light at the end of a dark tunnel. We won’t go into details there. We can’t know what led to your divorce. But we can help newly single people get back in the game. And we’ll do that by sharing 5 tips on returning to dating after divorce. 

Reflect on Your Past Experience 

“History is the teacher of life.” And no, we aren’t talking only about global history. Every person has a past. The sad truth is that most people never actually reflect on their past and never learn from it. Those who act like that repeat their mistakes. Don’t be one of those people. 

Anyone who went through an abusive marriage should scan behavioral similarities between their ex and anyone they want to date. The same is true with cheated people. They are more likely to have trust issues, so they take more time to open up and let anyone close. That makes them look distant, so their potential partners move on because it’s difficult to prove to someone that you’re faithful if there’s a seed of doubt in their mind. 

It’s vital to remember your past but forgive as much as possible. Forgiving ensures the person doesn’t enter a new relationship with expectations to be hurt (those who focus on problems always find them). But remembering the past means a person doesn’t ignore obvious red flags. 

Ease Back with Casual Dates 

Another mistake newly divorced singles make is looking for something serious right after their divorce. Most aren’t ready for something like that, especially if they’ve been married for a long time. 

Such relationships usually don’t last long, and divorced singles end up even more hurt than after the divorce. 

Many dating experts suggest casual dating after a breakup because it makes it easier to move on. Many singles in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who are getting out of divorce don’t feel confident enough to approach anyone in person, so they join dating sites.

And that’s the best strategy because no one cares about past marriages on casual sites. They’re all focused on pleasure. That’s why singles check reviews on for free, visit severap platforms they like, and start interacating to get hookups quickly. The entire branch of online dating is dedicated to people who don’t want emotional connection or instant commitments. It’s clever to use that to your advantage after a divorce.

Look for Good Matches Online

The online dating world is vast. It’s like a universe on its own. So, it’s not unusual for most people to join at least one dating platform after a breakup or divorce. The problems start when those singles go for the wrong people. 

The main reason that happens is joining dating sites and apps that aren’t aligned with their desires. Someone coming out of a divorce shouldn’t think about starting a new long-term relationship immediately, so they shouldn’t join any generic dating platforms or sites for love-seeking. 

Casual sites are a better option for many divorcees because such sites give results sooner (there’s no pesky bonding online for weeks). And it’s not unusual for a hookup to evolve into a casual relationship, which might turn into something serious. 

That’s why it’s better to focus on sites where it’s easy to get people to meet you in person. Of course, just being on such sites won’t do the trick. Use all the features that help members browse their potential matches. Location filters (on platforms with accurate geolocation) save countless hours for divorced people because they don’t have to deal with anyone outside their driving distance. And it’s always better to find a good match in the area than to find a match 4 cities away. 

Explore Your Hobbies and Interests 

While we’re married, we tend to focus on mutual instead of personal interests. Once the marriage ends, people sometimes feel lost. They don’t know what to do and how to pass the time. At first, it’s normal to have a mourning phase, but staying in it leads to depression. Don’t go there. 

The best way to get over someone (other than getting under someone) is to focus on activities that make one happy. Rediscovering the long-lost love of painting or wood carving might help with the healing process. Also, it’s worth mentioning that meeting people who share your hobbies is a strategy for finding potential dates. Because everyone who has been in a lousy marriage knows that listening and hearing are not the same.

Set Moderate and Realistic Expectations

Married people, especially those whose marriages are nearing their end, sometimes think being single is the best thing ever. They expect to sleep with 1,000 new matches. And they usually expect too much.

A 45-year-old Average Joe shouldn’t expect to hook up with Victoria’s Secret models right after the divorce. It’s essential to see a realistic picture of what you bring to the table. Then, set your expectations according to that.

Divorce is difficult, but dating after it is a lot of fun for those who do it right. This article should help you to be one of those people.

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