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Why Do Narcissists Get Married?

Fahim Chughtai

Artist Story

1. To boost their self-esteem

Narcissists have an inflated sense of self-importance and often require validation from others to maintain their self-esteem. Marriage provides an opportunity for them to appear successful and admired by others.

2. To Gain Control

Narcissists often seek to control others, and marriage allows them to exert control over their spouse. They may choose a partner who is vulnerable, dependent, or easily manipulated to achieve this goal.

3. To project an image of success

Narcissists often care more about appearances than substance. By getting married, they can project an image of success and stability to others, even if their marriage is dysfunctional.

5. To fulfill societal expectations

Society places a lot of value on marriage and family, and narcissists may feel pressure to conform to these expectations. They may also see marriage as a status symbol and a way to gain social acceptance.

6. To fulfill their own needs

Narcissists may enter into a marriage to fulfill their own needs, such as financial security, social status, or sexual gratification. They may see their spouse as a means to an end, rather than a partner in a mutually supportive relationship.