5 things that are important in the life of a narcissist

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1. Self-admiration and recognition: Narcissists  have an excessive need  for admiration and praise. They feel entitled to  special treatment  and may require constant  validation of their  worth and superiority.

2.Control and power:  Narcissists have a strong desire for control and power over others.  They may manipulate situations  and people to ensure they remain in a position of authority or superiority.

3. Material  possessions  and status

Narcissists often place a high value on material possessions, status, and social status.  They may believe that having expensive things or being associated with powerful people enhances their own self-worth.

4. Lack of empathy:

Narcissists often struggle with empathy and may have difficulty understanding or caring about the feelings and experiences of others.  They may disregard the needs of others and prioritize their own desires and interests.

5. Attention and recognition:

Narcissists crave  attention and recognition, and may go to great lengths to achieve it. They may engage in attention-seeking behavior and may become angry or resentful when they feel overlooked or ignored.