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Breaking [Solved] What Happens when You Ignore a Narcissist?

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Ignoring a narcissist can trigger a range of reactions and behaviors, which may depend on the severity of their narcissistic traits or personality disorder. Some possible outcomes of ignoring a narcissist include:

  1. Intensified efforts to gain attention: If a narcissist feels ignored, they may increase their efforts to gain attention and admiration from others. This may involve acting out or engaging in attention-seeking behavior.

  2. Anger or hostility: If a narcissist feels ignored, they may become angry or hostile towards the person who is ignoring them. This may involve lashing out, verbally or physically, or engaging in passive-aggressive behavior.

  3. Manipulation or gaslighting: A narcissist may attempt to manipulate or gaslight the person who is ignoring them, in an effort to regain their attention and control over the situation.

  4. Discard and move on: In some cases, a narcissist may simply discard the person who is ignoring them and move on to someone else who can provide them with the attention and admiration they desire.

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